Monday, March 14, 2011

Infrastructure as Afterthought-Poor City Planning

...And poor armature planning too! As my work gets bigger, I'm finding my engineering skills in need of upgrading. Even though I knew where I was heading (by sculpting small maquettes before embarking on the big ones), it's still almost impossible to predict where the pieces might want to grow as they take on their new and BIG life. It's true, these works now talk to me. They say- "No I don't want my head to be pointed that way, I want to turn this way instead." Or "If you pull off my head and work on it right side up, you'll get a better lay-in." Who am I to argue with an 8' tall woman? But the head is easier to get off than it is to get back on! After wondering if it's me and my bad engineering to blame for these 'urban blights on wheels' that are now holding up all of my sculptures, I'm beginning to think that's just the way it has to be. Even if I took up a torch and learned to weld, my new big pieces would tell me that they want a leg to raise or that they think they'd rather be pointing at someone... so I think I'll just keep going as I am until I've figured a way to start and not make any changes along the way. Right.