Sunday, May 09, 2010

An update-Cindy is back in the studio

Hi All,
Just a quick update. I'm no longer at LAAFA. I'm back in the studio now and boy, does it feel good. It seems that LAAFA is having some financial difficulties and they wanted to cut my hours, along with my pay. Though I completely enjoyed being there and working with all the fabulous teachers and the models, I couldn't possibly see how that position could have been anything but a full-time job. Everything works out for the best though, my project-Requiem, the Babyn Yar Holocaust Monument has started again, this time with funding! Go to the website and see. Tell your friends. I am accepting donations through the US-Ukraine foundation. Donations are tax deductible. This sculpture will become a traveling exhibition to Jewish History Museum and other interested venues. What a wonderful thing to be part of! Every little bit helps... $50, $100- it will all be used 100% for the production of this work.
Maybe we can start an open drawing class again in the studio, or maybe a sculpture class- let me know if you're interested.