Friday, April 28, 2006

"Quick Sketch" Sculpts

These photos are all from a high energy "Quick Sketch" 3 hour sculpting class. At 7PM we begin with a generic clay body so that our volume is already built up, therefore very quickly we are able to focus the entire class time and energy on gesture and form. At 10PM we leave with a finished sculpture. What is eliminated in this process is the building up of the clay and the establishing of proportions. Like a quick sketch drawing class, this is a high energy sculpting workout. It's the cardio version of sculpting!

Cindy Jackson

Doug Hammett
Ana Serrano
Sara Escamilla
Sheila Kelly
Sho Matsumoto

Saturday, April 22, 2006

Step by Step Sculpt

First Step: The Armature
Sculpture at end of first week session
Sculpture at end of second week session
Sculpture at end of 4th week session
Sheila Kelly's sculpture of our model David playing his guitar.

Model and Sculptures

Here's one of our wonderful models and below are the artists sculptures of her at three weeks into the sculpt. At this point the clays are blocked in and the gesture is set and ready for the fine tuning to begin.
Ana Serrano
Jerry Higginbottom
Lon Levin
Sheila Kelly

Tuesday, April 18, 2006

Rodin Also Says...

Saturday, April 15, 2006

Glendale Figure Workshop

There is a wonderful workshop in Glendale where you can come in and sculpt from the live model! It is a 6 week class that meets one night a week from 7-10PM. The model poses for these 6 weeks in one long pose. You sculpt a 1/4 lifesize clay version, having the luxury of a long term pose to really begin to understand the human figure. We have a wonderful time in this class! All levels of learners are welcome- because no matter how experienced we are as artists, there is always more to learn and everybody has to start somewhere! Everything is here for you- the clay (warm and ready to go), the armature, the instructor, and the model. We have great music, great conversation, and most importantly we let the observational self out to stretch. Sign up and experience a new way to observe the figure. You can learn more at Keep watching this blog for anatomy lessons, comments from my buddy Rodin, and pics of the students sculpts. Thanks for tuning in.